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Vrede voor Baskenland

Elections in Spain, state of emergency in the Basque Country


Thousands of people supported the banned Basque political party ANV by casting a symbolic vote on our website A total number of 8.994 people voted for the ANV. Many of them from the Basque Country, but also 2.927 people from the rest of the world support the symbolic action. The final result can be found here.

The elections in Spain are over. The media speak about elections that are dominated by terror but obviously don´t care about the fact that these same elections are far from democratic. And that´s not because ETA thought it was necessary to carry out an attack two days before the elections, but because the ANV - a party representing a significant part of the Basque population - was excluded to participate by temporary measure shortly before the elections.

The Accion Nacionalista Vasca, the ANV, dates from before the Spanish Civil War and the following dictatorship. The ANV is a leftwing party that split off from the rightwing Basque nationalist movement in 1930. Shoulder to shoulder with a.o. the Spanish social democrats they fought before, during and after the Civil War against the fascism of the Franco-regime. The small ANV was a loyal defender of the Second Republic, in the end defeated by Franco. The party participated in the struggle with four battalions and lost 550 members defending the Republic. In the last years of the Republic the ANV even took part in the legitimate government and after the victory of the fascists the ANV was active in Basque exile governments together with the social democrats and committees for the preparation for the return of democracy in Spain. The ANV is used to be banned, she has been illegal for 40 years. But she could never have expected that her former brothers in arms of the Spanish Socialist Party PSOE would - more than 30 years after the death of Franco - conspire with the inheritors of the dictator (the Partido Popular) to ban the party again.

To protest against the banning of the ANV we organised a digital ballotbox. From over the whole world people could cast a symbolic vote on the ANV. A total number of 8.988 people protested through voting against the banning. These votes came from 5.796 different ip-adresses. We didn´t discover any irregularities in this. A big part of the votes came from people in the Basque Country. These votes obviously don´t represent the supporters of the ANV: our action was aimed for people from other parts of the world. In the Basque Country itself the independentist movement called for a boycot of the elections, a call we can only support taking the recent repression into account.

The votes from the Basque Country not counted, 2.927 people showed their solidarity with the ANV. Despite the very one-sided coverage of the Spanish-Basque conflict in the international media, almost 3.000 people showed within a couple of weeks their solidarity. As a whole we see our action as a huge success.

The ANV stands for a left and independent Basque Country. The ANV wants to achieve that in a democratic way - she rejects the use of violence in her founding documents - and demands of Spain that the political system has to be adjusted to make this possible. In other words, the ANV demands that the Basques are allowed to decide their political future themselves. The Basque Information Centre supports that demand and is strongly convinced that only recognition of the right on self determination of the Basque Country can end the conflict about the political status of the Basque Country in a just and final way